Why Us

FFL The Future, is not just a name. For families seeking coverage, we are the FFL The Future. Interesting enough, the name has the same meaning for clients, than it does for agents. We are an organization built by agents who understand that in order to sell life insurance, we must first define the word LIFE. So we've designed a culture where clients feel like family with our agents, because our agents feel like family with our organization.

FFL The Future, is your best life insurance lead company. Multiple characteristics set the company apart from the competition:

➣  Attractive price structure

➣  Ability to deliver leads through a variety of techniques.

➣  24/7 access to an online lead control interface



Our office has put together a brokerage that shops for you. It is 100% our responsibility to find you the coverage your family needs, at the rate your family needs. We work only with A+ rated life insurance carriers who have all been around over 75 years. This guarantees your family peace of mind in the present, and certainly when it will matter the most, in the future.


Our leadership team understands you, as we all started off as agents. The days of cold calling and canvassing are a thing of the past. We felt as if it was our duty to make sure you would never harass your family at the next bbq, or bombard your social media followers with insurance memes and advertisements. So, we've put together a lead system that is second to none. Guess what... you will ONLY be talking to people who are actually interested! That, along with offering you the highest, most selfless comp in the industry, is what helps our board members sleep at night. We understand that in order to help more families, we need to have more happy agents, and this is what makes us different.